Skywing 61" Slick 360 - A in Lt Blue, Dk blue and white

Product code: SW-61SLICK360-A-LTBL/DKBL/WH
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Product information

The 61" Skywing Slick 360 comes with an Electric blue, Dark Blue and white printed scheme with red underside. Included in the kit is:

  • Pre-installed hinges

  • Free wing bags
    Free spinner

Recommended install

Dualsky ECO4120C 500kv, 1440W
Hobbywing Platinum Pro 80A with built-in switch mode 10A BEC (5-8 volts)
15x8E or 16x7E  

Battery:  6S 3300-3700mAh 30C-50C 
Ailerons - 2 off  MKS HV9767 (Best) or Dualsky DS9431 (Good)

Elevator - 1 off MKS HV9767 (Best) or Dualsky DS9431 (Good)
Rudder - 1 off MKS HV 9767 (Best) or Dualsky DS9431 (Good)
Servo arms
Elevator 1 off 1.25"
ileron 2 off 1.25"
Rudder 1 off 1.25"


Brand Skywing
Weight 6kg
Motor Size 70E
Spinner 2.5" / 63mm
Length 59" (1503mm)
Wingspan 61" (1549mm)
Wing area (sq. metres/ sq inches) 0.406/629.3
Weight without fuel (kg/lbs) 2.85/6.2
Pre-hinged Partial
Covering type Printed
Protective bags included Wings
Package weight (kg)/size(cm): 5.7/128x48x25