Skywing 38" Laser 260 A in Red, White and Black

Product code: SW-38LASER260-A-RED/WH/BLK
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Product information

The Skywing 38" Laser 260 version 'A' is available in a vibrant red, white and black scheme. Made of Depron, EPP and foam board on a wooden frame this is an ideal practise model /fun park flyer for all levels of ability. 

Recommended install

Sports Fly set-up.....
Motor:       Dualsky ECO2312C  1125KV 276W

ESC:          Dualsky XC2512BA w/BEC, 25A
Prop:         10 x 4.7SF 
3D Aerobatic set-up......
Motor:       Dualsky ECO 2316C 1250KV 360W
ESC:           Dualsky XC-45-LITE
Prop:          9 x 6 E

Battery:       3S 1000-1300Mah (XP13003ECO)

Ailerons:     2 off Dualsky DS65 (1.5kg @6v) 

Elevator:    1 off Dualsky DS65
Rudder:     1 off Dualsky DS65


Brand Skywing
Weight 3kg
Motor Size 15E
Spinner N/A
Length 39.5" (1003mm)
Wingspan 38" (695mm)
Weight incl battery (kg/lb) 0.680/1.5
Pre-hinged Partial
Covering type Printed
Package weight (kg)/size(cm): 2.8/105x29x21