SET OF 2 - MKS DS9910 XJ SERIES 6v RRP £82.95 per servo 40% OFF

Product code: MKS - S0029001 - DS9910 - qty2

Product information

Ideal for Jets and 2m F3A models, the digital DS9910 has a high quality Japanese Coreless Motor suitable for Competition Level, giving high performance, excellent response, high torque, incredible efficiency and low power consumption. On a par with the DS670.

Three Coppers Bushings - Strong, Accurate

Waterproof Bearing - Dustproof, Waterproof

Metal Alloy Gear - Wear-resistant, Smooth

Middle Aluminium Alloy Case for High Heat Dissipation

0.0007ms High Resolution

Torque (kg-cm)

21 (4.8V)

26 (6.0V)

Torque (oz-in)

291.6 (4.8V)

361.1 (6.0V)


0.198 s (4.8V)

0.159 s (6.0V)


58g (2.04 oz)


40 x 20 x 37 mm


Stall Current (at locked load)

4.1A (6.0V) / 4.6A (6.8V)

Working Voltage

3.8 ~ 6.8 V DC Volts

Working Frequency

1520μs / 333Hz

Dead Band

0.0007ms (Default)


2* Ball Bearing


Metal Alloy Gear


Japan High Quality Coreless Motor

Brand MKS
Code MKS - S0029001 - DS9910 - qty2
Weight 0.12kg
Standard Voltage 4.8v - 6v
Weight (g) 58
Torque @ 4.8v 21.0
Torque @ 6v (kg-cm) 26.0
Output Spline diameter 6mm
Spline teeth number 25
Servo Size Standard
Torque range @ 4.8v 20kg - 30kg
Torque range @ 6v 20kg - 30kg