SALE - Skywing 89
SALE - Skywing 89
SALE - Skywing 89
SALE - Skywing 89
SALE - Skywing 89

SALE - Skywing 89" Extra 300 V2 - Red Printed WAS £769.99 ONE LEFT!!

Product code: SW-89EXTRA300-V2-A RED

Product information

Superior quality construction to meet the demands of today's Sports and XA pilots.
Quick assembly canopy, wings and elevator systems patented by and exclusive to Skywing
Pre-hinged and pre-sealed ailerons and elevators for fast assembly

Incredible value with matching spinner, fuel tank, fuel line, fuel and vent dot, wing and stab bags as well as pre-installed high quality extensions

60--70cc Assembly Manual

Recommended install

Engine GP61  or GP76
Silencer:   For GP61 - MTW TD80/TD80K/TDH80 can or MTW RE2 tune pipe
               For GP76 - MTW TDH110 can

Ailerons - 2 off MKS HV777A+ (3D Aeros)  or HV1220 (light sport)

Elevator - 2 off MKS HV777A+ or HV1220
Rudder - 1 off MKS HV777A+ or HV1220
Throttle - 1 off MKS HV1250
Servo arms
Elevator 2 off 1.75"
ileron 2 off 1.5"
Rudder 1 off 1.5" (push-pull), 1 off 3.5
Propellor GP61:  23x10, 24x8, 24x9
                   GP76:  25x8W, 25x9

Batteries 2 off 2700mah, 2-cell – Dualsky XP27002ULT

Brand Skywing
Code SW-89EXTRA300-V2-A RED
Weight 18kg
Engine size 60 - 70cc
Spinner 4"/101mm
Length 89.4"/2272mm
Wingspan 89"/2260mm
Wing area (sq. metres/ sq inches) 0.857/1327.0
Weight without fuel (kg/lbs) 8.3/18.26
Pre-hinged Yes
Covering type Printed
Protective bags included Wings and tail
Package weight (kg)/size(cm): 18/188x72x38