NEW Skywing 104" Edge 540 -V3-A Red  Printed
NEW Skywing 104" Edge 540 -V3-A Red  Printed
NEW Skywing 104" Edge 540 -V3-A Red  Printed
NEW Skywing 104" Edge 540 -V3-A Red  Printed
NEW Skywing 104" Edge 540 -V3-A Red  Printed

NEW Skywing 104" Edge 540 -V3-A Red Printed

Product code: SW-104EDGE540-V3-A RED

Product information

Superior quality construction to meet the demands of today's Sports and XA pilots.
Quick assembly canopy, wings and elevator systems patented by and exclusive to Skywing
Pre-hinged and pre-sealed ailerons and elevators for fast assembly

Outstanding value with:

  • Matching spinner
  • Fuel tank, fuel line, fuel and vent dot
  • Wing and stab bags 
  • Pre-installed high quality rudder and elevator extensions

120cc Assembly Manual

Recommended install

Recommended header:

2 x MTW KK2 Knuckleheader or MTW bespoke headers with or without smoke nipples

Stock mufflers
2 x MTW TD80K short canister (requires 70mm mount,) MTW TD80 (front exit) or MTW TDH80 (rear exit)
2 x MTW RE2 Tuned pipe + AS2 teflon contact set + RH2 Pipe mounts

Smoke system: Optional
Carbon propellor - 27x11, 28x9.5, 28x10, 28x11

Spinner: 5" (recommended Falcon Carbon/painted with aluminium backplate)
Engine ignition battery: Dualsky RX27002 2S lipo
Ignition Voltage regulator: Powerbox Spark Switch 7.4V

Digital high torque, metal geared servos

Ailerons - 4 off MKS HBL380, HV777A+ or HV9930
Elevator - 2 off MKS HBL380 or HV9930
Rudder - 1 off MKS HBL380
Digital high speed throttle servo

Throttle - 1 off MKS HV1250
Servo armstapped for 3mm hardware
Elevator 2 off 1.75"
ileron 4 off 1.5"
Rudder 1 off 1.5" (push-pull)

1 off 12-18" for Powerbox spark switch to receiver
3 off 24" for outer ailerons servo and throttle servo
3 off 48" for rudder and elevator servos INCLUDED IN KIT
2 off Dual servo wiring harness for quick assembly (Powerbox 1130 0ne-in-two)
1 x Smoke pump extension (optional)

Radio Batteries 3300-4000mAh 2cell lipo
2 off Dualsky RX40002 2S lipo

Brand Skywing
Code SW-104EDGE540-V3-A RED
Weight 32kg
Engine size 100 - 120cc
Spinner 5"/127mm
Length 104.0"/2641mm
Wingspan 104.9"/2665mm
Wing area (sq. metres/ sq inches) 1.251/1939
Weight without fuel (kg/lbs) 12.3/27.1
Pre-hinged Yes
Covering type Printed
Protective bags included Wings and tail
Packing weight(kg)/size(cm): Fuselage 17/214x55x42
Packing weight(kg)/size(cm): Wing 8.5/133x70x18
Packing weight(kg)/size(cm):Cowl 3.5/42x42x42