MTW Knuckleheader for GP123/GP61 with smoke system attachment pipe

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Product information

MTW Knuckleheader with smoke system pipe attachment for GP123 and GP61.

The flange knuckle has a bending range of 30° in each direction.
The second knuckle can be adjusted up to 55 mm.
The header drop 'X' measurement can be adjusted from 40mm to 110mm.

To fit:

1. Install the engine
2. Fix the knuckle header to the engine.
3. Bend the header to line up with the silencer.
4. Remove the header with caution and solder the knuckles using silver solder (see related products)

Brand MTW
Header type Knuckle
Header Length (mm) 345/13.5"
Header diameter 25MM
Exhaust flange type GP
Smoke System port YES