MKS HV777A+ HV High Torque Coreless servo

Product code: MKS -S0011007 - HV777A+
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Product information

Digital High Torque Coreless Servo - this is the improved version of the high powered HV777 with more torque and more speed.


Brand MKS
Code MKS -S0011007 - HV777A+
Torque @ 6 volts 29.5 kg-cm / 409.7 oz-in
Torque @ 7.4 volts 36.5kg-cm / 506 oz-in
Torque @ 8.2 volts 40.4 kg-cm / 561.1 oz-in
Speed @ 6v/7.4v/8.2v 0.13/0.11/0.10 secs/60deg at no load
Stall Current @ 6v/7.4v/8.2v 7.5A/9.3A/10.3A at locked load
Working Voltage 4.8 - 8.4 volts dc (2S Lipo unregulated)
Working Frequency 333Hz
Dead Band 0.0008 ms (default)
Output Spline diameter 6mm
Bearing Dual ball bearing
Gear type Metal Alloy
Motor type Coreless
Casing All Aluminium
Weight (g) 75.45g (2.66 oz)
Servo Size Standard