MKS HBL380 HV Brushless X8 Series

Product code: MKS-S0010014-HBL380

Product information



Perfect for large-scale airplane, jet and 1/8, 1/5 scale buggy.

Ideal for CCPM on 700~800 class helicopter.

Ultra torque servo with incredible efficiency and low power consumption.

CNC Machined Metal Case Design for Exceptional Cooling.

Superior Holding Torque from the Japanese Brushless Motor.

Output performance to the highest level – smoother, faster, and more efficient.

Extremely strong Chrome-Titanium alloy gear, providing high level of durability that will survive heavy use

Brand MKS
Code MKS-S0010014-HBL380
Weight 0.08kg
Torque @ 6 volts 31.0kg-cm / 430.5 oz-in
Torque @ 7.4 volts 39.0 kg-cm / 541.6 oz-in
Torque @ 8.2 volts 41.0 kg-cm / 569.4 oz-in
Speed @ 6v/7.4v/8.2v 0.114/0.092/0.082 secs per 60 deg at no load
Stall Current @ 6v/7.4v/8.2v 8.1A/10.0A/11.0A (at locked load)
Working Voltage 3.5 - 8.4 volts dc (2S Lipo unregulated)
Working Frequency 333Hz / 1520 nano-secs
Dead Band 0.0008ms (default)
Bearing 12 x 8 mm dual ball bearings
Gear type Chrome-titanium alloy
Output Spline diameter 8mm
Casing All Aluminium
Weight (g/oz) 73g/2.57 oz
Dimensions (mm) 40 x 20 x 38.5
Wire length (cm) 29
Servo Size Standard
Motor type Brushless
Torque range @ 6v 30kg upwards
Torque range @ 7.4v 30kg - 40kg
Torque range @ 8.2v 40kg upwards
Model Size 120cc +
Application Airplane and heli