Product code: GP-61

Product information

Compared with other brands of the same displacement, the GP61 provides much more power at a more reasonable price. The made-for-flight design guarantees the perfect power-to-weight ratio for maximum performance. GP61 weighs less than 1500 grams and cranks out more than 6.5 horsepower as a long-
Displacement 61 c.c.
Bore 46.5 mm
RPM Range 1600-8900
Output 6.5 Horsepower
Total Weight 1440 g
Ignition Weight 136 g
Muffler Weight 160 g
Gasoline 92 Unleaded
Gas/Oil Mix Ratio 40:1
Carburetor Walbro HDA-246
Spark Plug NGK CM-6

Warranty:            24 months from date of manufacture. Not transferable.

For more information please go to GP Limited Warranty link at foot of the page.

Brand Great Power
Code GP-61
Weight 3.5kg