Dualsky ECO-V2 series Brushless Outrunners

Dualsky’s new ECO V2 series of brushless outrunner motors are a new electromagnetic design, with more competitive performance and efficiency, long-time endurance and are water-proof.

Classic Dualsky five-spoke back cover with simple lines.

Traditional Dualsky color matching (silver-black-sliver), anodized and matt finish

Multi-surface rotating laser marking, Logos, model and traceable serial number

Increased motor structure strength and optimised stress distribution without extra weight

High temp resistant, tough epoxy glue offers an increase in impact resistance by approximately 10G.

High precision double sided dynamic balancing. Optimised heat dissipation.

Added feature of the NMB ball bearing, giving durability and low noise.

Windings are finished with an insulated coating providing up to 500V insulation levels.  

Rust-proof main shaft, coil soak insulation, electrophoresis components and coated magnets make ECO V2 waterproof in wet or rainy conditions.  (Please note: ball bearings are not waterproof)

For more information go to http://www.dualsky.com/ECO_Series/ECOv2.shtml

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