**CLEARANCE** Skywing 101
**CLEARANCE** Skywing 101
**CLEARANCE** Skywing 101
**CLEARANCE** Skywing 101
**CLEARANCE** Skywing 101

**CLEARANCE** Skywing 101" Extra 300 -B Covered

Product code: SW-101EXTRA300-B-COVER YELL/BL/WH

Product information

Superior quality construction to meet the demands of today's Sports and XA pilots.
Pre-hinged and pre-sealed ailerons and elevators for fast assembly
Great value for money with wing and stab bags, fuel tank, fuel dot and breather dot INCLUDED

120cc Assembly manual

Recommended install

Recommended header:
2 x MTW  KK2 Knuckleheader or MTW bespoke headers with or without smoke nipples

Stock mufflers (come with the GP123)
2 off MTW TD80K canister
2 off MTW RE2 Tuned pipe + AS2 teflon contact set + RH2 Pipe mounts

Smoke system: Optional
Carbon propellor - 27x11, 28x9.5, 28x10

Spinner:   5"  (recommended Falcon Carbon/painted with aluminium backplate)
Engine ignition battery:  Dualsky RX27002 2S lipo
Ignition Voltage regulator:  Powerbox Spark Switch 7.4V

Digital high torque, metal geared servos

Ailerons - 4 off MKS HBL380, HV777A+ or HV9930
Elevator - 2 off MKS HBL380 or HV9930
Rudder - 1 off MKS HBL380
Digital high speed throttle servo

Throttle - 1 off MKS HV1250
Servo armstapped for 3mm hardware
Elevator 2 off 1.75"
ileron 4 off 1.5"
Rudder 1 off 1.5" (push-pull)

1 off 12-18" for Powerbox spark switch to receiver
3 off 24" for outer ailerons servo and throttle servo
3 off 48" for rudder and elevator servos
2 off Dual servo wiring harness for quick assembly (Powerbox 1130 0ne-in-two)
1 x Smoke pump extension (optional)

Radio Batteries  3300-4000mAh 2cell lipo
2 off Dualsky RX40002  2S lipo

Brand Skywing
Weight 24kg
Engine size 100 - 120cc
Spinner 5"/127mm
Length 100"/2544mm
Wingspan 101"/2565mm
Wing area (sq. metres/ sq inches) 0.964/1466.25
Weight without fuel (kg/lbs) 11.8/26
Pre-hinged Yes
Covering type Covering
Protective bags included Wings and tail
Packing weight(kg)/size(cm): Fuselage 18.5/215x56x46
Packing weight(kg)/size(cm): Wing 8.5/133x72x18
Packing weight(kg)/size(cm):Cowl 4.2/46x46x46